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Jan Mundin

Head of Technology

Jan is a WHU- and Stanford educated entrepreneur, PsychTech veteran, and Seasteading enthusiast. He worked as a backend developer, interim CTO and in the blockchain space before founding Delphi Analytics.


Tazeen Mohsin

Head of Psychometrics

Tazeen has 8+ years in recruitment, assessment, learning and development. She has lead learning initiatives through workshops for over 1500 employees across different fields such as governance, telecommunication, banking, medical and pharmaceutical.


Christian Liebke

Head of Product

Christian is an architect by trade and a lecturer for architecture at the University of Koblenz. He brings a decade of design experience and product design to Delphi Analytics and is responsible for displaying complex data in an appealing and understandable way.


Ben Horvath

Head of Sales

Ben is an entrepreneur and business graduate from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, with a passion for PsychTech and Blockchain, he is very comfortable in international environments (spent more than 5 years in Asia).


We believe that personality is at the core of our identity. Personality thus shapes our behavior more than any other personal factor. Inspired by the oracle of Delphi, we use technology to help predict future behavior in an effort to make the world of HR more fair, objective and effective.

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