About us

At F35, we help companies to first hire and then manage the best talent.

We believe that everyone is different. We all think differently, behave differently, and structure our time differently. To build great company cultures that get the most out of each member of the team, we need to design HR processes that respect these differences.

We provide a range of tools to optimize your day-to-day operations based on the personalities of different members of your team.

At the core is our data-driven dashboard that provides actionable insights based on the individual employee and the situation at hand.


What we do


How it works


Take the test

Every candidate takes the F35 personality assessment online. It measures more than 30 personality traits and assigns concrete competencies.


Receive reports

We provide you with reports on every candidate and a dashboard to compare them against your 'ideal candidate' which we help you define.


Hire the best - and manage them well

After hiring the journey does not end. Our data-driven dashboard provides managers with actionable tips on how to manage and motivate each individual employee.

Our clients report lower churn rates, higher job satisfaction of employees and managers alike - as well as improved performance.

Patrick Lencioni 

"Profiles of behavioural preferences and personality styles are among the most effective tools for building trust."

Meet the Team

WHU- and Stanford- educated entrepreneur, PsychTech veteran, and Seasteading enthusiast.

Has built the psychometric algorithm based on 25.000 profiles that have answered more than 1.5m questions.


Adam is a Harvard-educated entrepreneur from the UK, passionate about building great communities so that people are able to feel secure, fulfilled and accepted.


He is a former high-performance rower and studied Economics and Computer Science.


Ben is a German entrepreneur and business graduate from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, with a passion for PsychTech and Blockchain.


He has experience in B2C psychometric apps from dating to education.